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November 14th 2013 9:06 am

Is it necessary to discharge your iPhones battery on a regular basis?

With discharging I mean running the battery down to 0% and it turns off and then charging it back up to a full 100% again before taking it out and using it. I know it helps callibrate the battery better but is it actually necessary for it work better or correctly? Just started on a 5s and wanting to treat it right from the beginning. Can't really find anything on Apples site about it. I'm getting very good battery life out of it though. It can be on for a almost a full day (around 23 hours) before I need to recharge. Real usage according to Usage in Settings > General > Usage is around 8 hours.
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I do the same with all of my computers and iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, I let the Batter go down to 50% and charge to 100%. This is why I still have the Original Batteries to all my products. I purchased the Original iPhone and charged it up and it worked just fine. Most people leave the iPhone, iPad, Nexus 7, all night and the Battery won't last. I would not let the Battery go down to zero, because you might loose some information if it were to run down to zero and shut itself off. This is what I recommend to all my Clients as well. Hope this answers your Question. Pete
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Yes, Apple recommands charging and discharging your battery in order to maintain it properly at least once a month. iPhone and iPad batteries use lithium-ion. Here are Apple's suggestions:­/ca­/batteries/
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Thanks OGenius. I kept a close watch on the battery performance and when I just have it in the charger when necessary opposed to plugging it in @ night and unplugging it in the morning I see far better results. Ie more usage time in the Settings > General > Usage page. People say it's not necessarry anymore to do this but I still believe it is. Thanks for the answer.
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