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December 31st 2013 12:09 am

Is it possible to control digital (audio) input with the remote?

So I bought an Apple TV the other day, and because I've run out of open HDMI ports on my receiver, I've decided to hook it into the second HDMI port on my TV, but stream the audio out into my receiver via TOSLINK.

This is all working fine, but in order to get the audio to come I have to manually select optical audio from the digital input menu by pressing a button on the receiver unit. I don't see a button on the remote to do this (which would then allow me to set it up with my Harmony 700).

Here's a PDF of the manual:­/downloads­/1­/1­/9­/0­/2­/18815522­_05a1...

Am I blind, or is it just not possible to control that via the remote?`

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I discovered that on page 39 of the manual it goes into depth about setting up digital audio inputs and you need to manually program it to assign TOSLINK inputs to an input selector. Assigning it to Video 3, and then assigning Video 3 to my Apple TV in my Harmony remote got everything working perfectly.
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