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July 4th 2011 5:19 am

Is it possible to make 3D video out of regular?


Is it possible to make 3D video out of normal one? Has anyone tried to do such thing?

My sister's getting married and I want to make 3D film out of the footage. However I don't own 3D camera to shoot it in native 3D. Don't take me wrong thinking that I'm crazy or smth about 3D. The thing is the wedding will be organised in such a way that it'll include lots of action moments (racing etc.), so making the whole video in 3D will be appropriate option. The only problem is I don't know how to do such process as 3D conversion of the video in post-production (but I heard it's possible).

Before posting here I also asked some people on video editing forums for advice. And here's some info that I have so far: on one forum somebody advised me that it's possible to do in Adobe After Effects. Never used it before, so proper advice (anyone used AE for this purpose?). Also on other forum I was recommended to try 3D Video Converter from convert­-to­, which is said to convert any format video to anaglyph 3D. But I don't know.. Maybe someone knows any proven software and can help?


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It's definitely possible -- but I don't think it's something for most everyday consumers or the faint of heart.

Some Hollywood movies have been shot in 2D and converted to 3D for the big screen. The problem with this sort of conversion though is that it's actually a poor substitute for something truly filmed in 3D.

But that's Hollywood! They have a huge budget, tons of editors, producers, graphics artists, etc. What about you and me?

Maximum PC has an article that details how to convert a 2D video into 3D, but it reads like a long and arduous process. I'm not sure I'd be willing to commit the time to do that. Basically, it seems to involve a lot of scripting using a command line tool (for Windows though!) called AviSynth. Interested in trying it out? You can read more on it here:­/article­/howtos­/how­_upgrade­_your­_...

(To be honest, there is much debate over whether or not 3D videos are even worth it. I'm in the camp where I think it's a gimmick. Roger Ebert had a great piece earlier this year on the problems with 3D film. You can read more of it here:­/ebert­/2011­/01­/post­_4.html )
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I would recommend doing a photographic slide show instead of a video, You can do this pretty easily using two cameras next to one another, and snapping the picture at the same time. There are services out there that can make 3d images out of both pictures, or you can find tutorials online on how to make your own using image editing software.

For an inexpensive way to make a 3D still camera, check out­/tutorials­/3d­-stereo­-photogra....

And if you want to make a cool gift for your sister, you can make a custom Viewmaster with your pictures!
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