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August 1st 2011 5:19 pm

Is it possible to scrobble music played through a Sonos unit?

I've been using my Sonos to play music from Rdio. A nice feature that Rdio natively supports is the ability to scrobble music to Last.FM. I'm a huge stats junky, so it's cool to see what sort of music I've liked over the last week, last month, or last year. It's kind of interesting to see how my musical tastes have changed over time!

While playing music through a Sonos unit this weekend, I noticed that music played through Rdio wasn't scrobbling. Is this normal? Is it something related to the Sonos itself? Just a temporary bug?
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Sounds like it could be a user error problem (I didn't add my Last.FM credentials) or just a Last.FM queueing problem. Sonos and Rdio replied to me on Twitter:

"It is possible to enter your Last.FM account into your Sonos, and we'll scrobble what you listen to from @Rdio"­/sonossupport­/status­/98145451726995457

"Anything you listen to on your Rdio account should scrobble, but occasionally scrobbling gets backed up and can take a bit to update on your account, if you're not seeing these plays scrobble within the next day, would you let us know?"­/rdiohelp­/status­/98142813941809152­/rdiohelp­/status­/98142963691032576
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It does seem to be possible now. You need to add as a service in the Sonos player settings. I did this on my Mac's Sonos application. There was no immediate effect, but when I looked at the settings via my iPhone's Sonos app, there was the option to turn scrobbling on/off.

It seems bizarre that the scrobbling option isn't available on the desktop app, but there are a few features, or indeed foibles, about the Sonos software.
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