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August 13th 2009 4:19 pm

Is it possible to upgrade the memory in the Dell Mini 10?

Noob question, I recently purchased a Dell Mini 10 with 1GB memory. Is it possible to upgrade the memory? I believe I've read elsewhere that it is not possible. HELP!

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Yes, but it is no easy task­/2009­_07­_23­/how­-to­-upgrade­-dell­-mini­-1...
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There seems to be some misinformation here...

The Dell Mini 10 (NOT the 10v) which I own, has the memory SOLDERED to the motherboard. You cannot upgrade it! It's not just an issue of taking the system apart or the HDD being in an awkward's literally impossible to remove the memory module from the system.

See this blog post from Dell:

Having said that...Windows 7 with only a single Gig of RAM runs fine on it.
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Moral of this story: If you are in the market for a netbook, and it doesn't come standard with the memory you want (e.g. comes with 1GB, you want 2) do the research before you buy.
I was leaning very heavily toward a MSI Wind or a Acer Aspire. Then I discovered that getting the one was not upgradable, and the other required major surgery. I ended up with a EeePC 1000, and am happy I did.
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I believe that the 10 has the memory soldered on to the main board, while the 10v has a standard slot. Upgrading the memory requires nearly complete disassembly and I have yet to do so.
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For those of you with your memory soldered to the board you can use usb flash drives as memory. Granted they have a low read/write life, if they are used at the end of the memory space you may get a little life out of them and last I checked 1GB memory sticks are dirt cheap.­/2011­/07­/add­-virtual­-ram­-to­-ubunt...

I'm pretty sure you can do it in Windows too.
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