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December 22nd 2011 10:06 pm

Is the Ipad 2 worth it if you already have a iphone 4 and a laptop?

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I have the 4S, an iPad 2 and a MacBook Pro. I use them for different things. The iPad 2 has replaced my laptop on travel trips. I no longer carry this thing. As such I wish my MBP could become an iMac with a bigger screen and more power, but that'll be something for the next system refresh.

It really depends what you use your laptop for. If it is a mobile work machine, you might still need to travel with it. If it is just a portable "window to your e-world" than well, an iPad does that fine and is a little easier to browse with than the iPhone (more screen real estate). I think it is worth it, but it is really something you'd have to think about depending on how you use the devices you already have.
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I have a 4S, an Sony VAIO and an iPad 2. I use all three but my iPad is my favorite. If I wasn't in school I probably wouldnt use my VAIO much at all. The iPad has taken away many duties from my PC.
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