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February 19th 2013 4:02 pm

Is the iPad mini worth buying?

I have an iPad 1 and wonder if I should get the mini.
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If you are looking to upgrade and like the smaller size the Mini is a good upgrade for you since you are back 2 to 3 gens. But the internals in the Mini are basically an iPad 2.

if you can wait i would suggest waiting till the next version of the Mini.
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Are you still happy with your original iPad? If yes, then you probably don't need an iPad mini.
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I would say no, mostly because I strongly predict that a iPad mini retina will be released before September.

I have a 3rd gen iPad and have no interest in the mini, mostly because of the downgrade in display resolution, but also because I just don't think it's much different than an iPad in its form factor. If you like your iPad and want a new one, get a new iPad. If you want something smaller, is an iPad mini really that much smaller? The price really isn't much different, but for the extra $170 you get a lot more and you're already used to that form factor with apps (though you'll need a new case and charger).

This is where I check Apple products for the right time to buy and recent rumors:

Here's the headline of the most recent mini rumor: "AU Optronics Catches Up with iPad Mini Display Production, Begins Working on Displays for Next Generation Model."

Digging further, the article also speculates: "Rumors have suggested that the next iPad mini will be equipped with a Retina display, and a report from November stated that AU Optronics was gearing up for production.

"Retina is widely believed to be the next logical step for the iPad mini, and while there are no concrete hints on when an updated mini will be released, KGI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently predicted that both the iPad mini and the full sized iPad will be updated in the third quarter of 2013."
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Yes. Buy it. I've got one and it's amazingly light and portable.
I barely touch my iPad 3 anymore.
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I had a iPad 2 and sold it and purchased a mini. The mini is just much easier to carry when out and about, and I think easier to read books on due to it being lighter. I don't miss my iPad 2 at all.
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Personally I would. The mini does everything your old iPad does and more. Its lighter and faster. It is also more eye candy also. Do it without regret. Sale your ipad and you should only have to fork out another 150-200 for the mini depending on the sale price. If you have anyother questions let me know.
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