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February 20th 2013 10:03 pm

Is the screen too large?

I am looking at upgrading from an iPhone 4S to a Samsung Galaxy Note II or Note III, depending on release dates. I was wondering if the large size of the Note is too big of a difference to handle from an iphone, or if leaving the Apple ecosystem is too big of a feat (I have an iPad). Don't get me wrong, I love the features of iOS. It just seems like there isnt much further Apple can go with it without jeopardizing the familiarity of iOS. Samsung and Google, on the other hand, are pretty much given free range on what they can do with Android.

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the simple answer between the iPhone and Note one or two is that yes you will notice the size difference.

As for leaving the apple ecosystem and it being to big of feat, thats up to you. the music will not be an issued since most of if not all of it is DRM free now. where you will notice the difference is in your video content. if you have a large number of movies and TV Shows they will not move with you to android. at not easily and lastly don’t forget any applications you paid for and will need to buy them again in the play store.

I think yes the google devices offer you free range on what they can do. the Ssmsung’s though are more customizable than the iPhone but for the most part they are locked and you will need to unlock you phone to get the full range of customizable things on the Android phone.

Now i have an iPad and a Droid DNA. So, i use the iPad for media consumption and the phone for time killer games and for just being a phone. Now if you use your phone more as an internet device then a phone the will be great since it have larger screen and is optimized for the digitizer. But if you use it as a phone the larger screen may become annoying as you hold it up to your head to talk.

I say go down to Best Buy or your cell phone providers office and try it out and see how it feels up to your head.And make sure to check on their return policy so you know what you are getting into if you decide to return the phone.
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Hi. You will certainly be going from small to large, maybe even extra large, but Samsung has made the Note 2 handle-able. I certainly recommend you go to a carrier store or best buy and hold it in your hand.
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I'm not gonna lie, it's big. So much so that iPhones feel like toys to me now when people ask me for help troubleshooting. I use mine with an LG Tone Bluetooth headset, so the size of the phone is irrelevant to me as it stays in my pocket when I am talking. For the rare occasion that I don't have my headset on and have to take a call, though, it is awkward. The speaker for the ear is way up at the top of the phone and I have a hard time lining up with my ear properly to be able to hear it well.

As a mobile internet device, though, it is fabulous. Most people won't use the stylus much, but I have used it for score-keeping while playing board games, and drawing rough sketches for a children's book we are working on in my family, and it has been really handy for that kind of stuff.

Unless you want the stylus, though, I would honestly say that the Galaxy S III is a more practical option for most people. This Note II really is a niche item for those with specific wants or needs.
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The Samsung Galaxy S3 might be a good fit. It's has a larger screen than the iPhone, but not as big as the Note. The Galaxy S4 is going to be released this year, so it might be worth waiting.
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I have owned the Galaxy note II 4 times and let me tell you that you get used to the screen size really fast. The screen being to big is really user oriented. I used the s pen quite a bit and loved it. This is what I would do get some cardboard and cut out a replica of the front of the note II and play with it, put it in your pocket and what not. Or take a trip to your local cell phone store and play with it for an hour and you will get a clear answer to yourself yes or no. As for the UI differences apples OS is aged, but is most simple. Touchwiz is a good UI, but like most has its little quirks. Try one of those ideas and let me know what you decided to do.
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How tall are you? I have a friend with a Note I and though he's 6'3" it still looks horribly large in his hands and when he holds up the phone, maybe because he's so skinny. If you're a big dude, like close to 300 lbs then I think the bigger size makes more sense.

If you're like everyone else, then I would tend to believe that you would look more like a fool with an oversized object sticking to your face when someone calls you. Also, are your pants pockets ready? It's definitely noticeable when my friend walks around the office.

You have an iPad and you want a Note II? Have you thought about this man? I know a bunch of people (my wife, friends, relatives), who started with Android and switched to iOS when their phone company picked up the iPhone. Not many people go the other way (except maybe those in this gadget nerd community) and there's a reason for it.

iOS is what people want and it's the easiest to use. All Android phones are compared to the iPhone at some point. Android is what you're stuck with if you want a specific feature in a phone, like the Note II, the Rezound, DNA or the Razr Maxx HD, etc. It's not what people want, it's what you're stuck with and sadly when Google comes out with a new OS, you don't get it right away....or ever.
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