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November 24th 2013 1:50 pm

Is there a bluetooth keyboard that works with both the Kindle Fire and iPad?

My dad has requested a bluetooth keyboard for christmas but he was hoping I could find something that is compatible with both his ipad and kindle fire. I'm not having much luck with my search so I was wondering if anyone has any product suggestions for me. I'm not sure if he has an HD fire or not but i can find out if it makes a difference, I did notice that some that are compatible with android devices are only compatible with the HD fires but again I'm looking for something that can pay nicely with the ipad AND kindle fire...... Thanks!

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This Amazon Basics keyboard works with various devices. -­/AmazonBasics­-Bluetooth­-Keyboard­-iPh...

If the top commentor is correct then all you need to look for is a bluetooth keyboard that supports HID.
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Despite being somewhat pricey, Apple's Wireless Keyboard (­/products­/apple­/wireless­-keyboard­/...) should work based on a few answers here:­/forum­/kindle­?­_encoding­=UTF8­&cdF...
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