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May 27th 2011 11:31 pm

Is there a vudu app in the works for Roku?

I'm sure that an HDX vudu stream would task the capabilities of the Roku like nothing else out there, but I'd imagine that the XDS would be able to handle it. I guess that vudu would have to tailor their app to only present the resolution each Roku box was capable of...

The reason I ask is because I currently have a Boxee Box, and that device is simply NOT a consumer friendly device in any way, but the Roku is what I'd recommend to others. However, my favorite thing about the Boxee Box has become the vudu app. Yes, I think that $6 is a tad too high for a movie rental, but when I compare it to going to the movies for my wife and I, pitting it against $25 makes it come out better.

Hopefully vudu will come to Roku soon (man, tech sounds so weird sometimes :) ).

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