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December 25th 2011 1:45 am

Is there a way to "batch-match" a bunch of time lapse photos that have slightly different focal areas?

I've done a time lapse but I also stupidly forgot to turn off the camera's auto-focus, so some of the photos are of slightly different sizes. Consequently, the video ended up with a bit of jitter in the evening part of the time lapse. Is there a way to somehow calibrate the photos so that they all have the same focal area?

I'd re-shoot but it's not cheap to fly back to Tokyo. Ugh.

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Well..... That Sucks. I feel your pain.

Have you ever tried Photoshop's batch automation feature? I use it all the time for large projects. I'd give you a step-by-step, but I'm lazy and this will explain it better.­/watch­/learn­-photoshop­-cs5­/automating­-...

Also, I'm not sure how many layers you're using, but "Auto-align layers" should help­/en­_US­/photoshop­/cs­/using­/WS9ADF1895...
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