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January 7th 2014 1:32 pm

Is there an OS X command to regroup all windows onto current screen?

I often use a multi-monitor setup when I'm in the office (screens spread over two 24-inch monitors and my 15-inch MacBook Pro monitor -- I call it the Community Satisfaction Command Center). When I unplug for the day and head home, OS X collapses all the windows onto my laptop's screen, but it's not totally ideal.
For example, when I get home, I'll click on the icon for Airmail. It appears nothing happens. I click again, and I notice in the bottom right corner of the screen is a small smidgen of a window that turns into a "fun" game of trying to click and drag the correct part of the window back into view.

Anyway, there just has to be a command or shortcut that adds orders and sanity to all my open windows that are virtually strewn about, right? Right? Does anyone know what this would be?
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Take a look at Moom, one of my favorite pieces of Mac software:­/moom/

Not only is it great for resizing windows to certain/entire portions of the screen using its grid system, you can arrange and position all of your windows however you'd like them and bind that layout to a key command. (This is the "Arrange Windows" option under the Custom tab of Moom preferences.)

When I plug my laptop into my two external displays, I can hit Command+Shift+3 and all of the windows will be restored into my saved layout across each monitor. And when I unplug them, I hit Command+Shift+1 to arrange everything into my saved layout for the built-in display.
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While it may not solve your immediate problem, I've been using an app called SizeUp­/sizeup/. When I unplug from multi monitors, I cmd tab through each open app and then ctrl + alt + cmd left/right until all windows are sized properly in my macbook
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I'd like to know this too. I've run into similar issues. I want a quick way to reset all my window sizes. I bet there's a way to do it with AppleScript.

You might check out SwitchResX, It has a bunch of goodies for working with multiple monitors.
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I think you want Mission Control (formerly Expose). F3 on the newer keyboards and F9 on the older. bring it up and then rearrange the windows.
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What about Stay app?­/stay/

I think you can creat multiple desktop arrangements, create one for multi-monitor and one for single desktop.
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