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July 1st 2013 7:22 pm

Just how "water proof" is it??

can it stay submerged while taking photos? or just more for splashes and rinsing...
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The S 4 Active can be submerged in water up to 3.3 feet deep for 30 minutes without issue. The screen doesn't work while under water, but it does have a mode that allows you to use the camera using one of the volume buttons as a shutter.
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It's important to note, too, that the official term for this product is "water- and dust-resistant," not "proof." When taking it into the water, make sure that the charging port is completely sealed and the back cover is well-placed. Don't worry if you see some bubbles going out of the device, as only the battery, microSD card and Micro-SIM card are fully protected with the rubber sealing - the camera, for example, has been left "unprotected," as it does not need to be as well-protected as the battery and the data cards. All internals are fully protected, though, as long as the micro-USB port is completely sealed with its flap.
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The screen does work under water, but the "touch" function doesn't. You have to use the physical button to take a picture. While the phone is "waterproof" as described above, the warranty does not cover water damage. In other words...if you put the battery cover and usb cover on exactly should be waterproof as described above unless it isn't...and if it's not then it's not covered by the manufacture warranty because you obviously did something wrong. Lot's of videos and reviews online detailing water damage from people who thought they were doing everything right.
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