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Kindle 2 or Nook 3G

I want to get an eReader. I just don't know which one to purchase. They both look nice and have their respective features. I'm going on a trip so no wi-fi, and I want internet access. The only way would would be to use the Kindle with 3G. I want to get the device with the most non-fiction books like history.
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Well you sort of answered that question then. But the internet on the Kindle is horrendous so don't expect any sort of real usability out of an e-ink display for the web. Personally I wouldn't bother and you are looking at the wrong type of device.

The term "most books" is hard to define as well. Does the Amazon store have more books then the B&N store? Yeah, usually. This isn't scientific, but a quick search says Amazon has 417,650 Non-fiction books (117,000 which are history) and B&N says 17,399. There is no way to know what is actually in those numbers though and I wouldn't forget that you can add books purchased from other ebook stores (Kobo/Borders,, Sony,etc) onto the Nook that you cannot put (easily, sometimes legally) onto the Kindle.

The only thing I would suggest is find a handful of books you are interested in and do a search on the stores and see what comes up.
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By browser I mean something, that I can use to look up something I don't understand.
The biggest thing that is going against me is the browser on the nook needs wifi where as the nook doesn't.
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