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May 27th 2011 3:24 pm

LCD - Plasma - LED - Which One?

What do you guys prefer LCD, Plasma, or LED TV's? Not thinking about 3D here, just plain ol' TV.
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My general rule, if you have windows in the room, and there is a chance for glare/reflection, go for LCD/LED, if it's going to be a room where you can control the glare then I think Plasma as a general rule preforms very well.

From my understanding LED is just the next generation of LCD, so between the two I don't think there should be too much debate, and LED would be better.
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That depends on what kind of room you're looking to put this into but despite great advances in the last couple years in Plasma I still find them to be too dark for most purposes. LED are still LCD, they are just backlit with LEDs and I do like the way those look. This is my next TV:­/led­-lcd­-hdtvs­/m420sv.html
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For me - plasma and good black-out curtains if needed. For my parents that constantly have 1200 watts of lights going in their living room - LCD.
The 120 and 240 hz LCDs pretty much bring LCDs on par with Plasma as far as judder and motion blur.
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Between LCD and LED, I would go for LED, they are the new LCD lightening technology, usually more energy efficient and offer better color saturation. However, if you are considering between plasma and LCD, that would be a different questions.
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