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April 28th 2014 10:36 am

LG 60LB711 (OR) Panasonic TC-60AS650U??

Help! I am torn between two televisions. The LG 60LB711 (­/us­/tvs­/lg­-60LB7100­-led­-tv) and The Panasonic 60AS65U(­/shop­/model­/TC­-60AS650U) I am going to purchase one of these but cannot decide. The new LG has that really cool WebOS interface, I saw one at Best Buy and the picture looked pretty dang good. The Panasonic also has a sleek new interface but doesn't look at interesting as the LG. I have not been able to see one of these for real yet. But I know Panasonic has a reputation for good picture quality and I have a 10 year old Pany Plasma the is still going strong, but it's only 720p and I really need an update. . Help me decide folks. Come on Engadget do in depth reviews on both of these,

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If you want one that will stand the test of time, wait and get a 4k tv when they are affordable. otherwise I'd get the LG, purely because of the lack of 3D
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