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December 29th 2011 9:03 am

Looking for a compact printer. Doesn't have to be quality. Suggestions?

By quality, i mean actual *print* quality doesn't have to be great. I don't print often, and when I do print, its like a concert ticket or something that still requires paper proof. Ideally, I'd like a printer that is the size of the Neat Company's single document scanner. Even if it only printed black and one sheet at a time, then I could store it. So- does anyone have a good suggestion for something that exists now that is close? Hopefully under $100, but willing to pay a bit more than $100 if it fits the bill. Preferably *not* HP.

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I recommend the following:
Canon PIXMA MP560 Wireless Inkjet All-In-One Photo Printer

You can read reviews from amazon:­/Canon­-Wireless­-Inkjet­-Printer­-3747B...

I have it myself and love it. It has usb as well as wireless. You can print and scan wireless.

Another great thing about the 560 in my opinion is that it takes generic ink cartridges really well.. Save a lot of money by getting generic ink.

That's my 2 cents. If you have any question regarding the printer ask away. It's sitting right next to me.
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In case any one finds this and is curious, I decided to go with the Epson NX430 "small-in-one"­/epson­/stylus­/nx430/

While it isn't nearly as small as I desire, it does seem pretty compact and did meet a few of my needs/desires:

• under $100
• Not HP
• Wireless printing

Mobile/portable printers were just too expensive, and I've had an Epson previously and loved it. Since it has airprint as well, it will be nice to print from my iDevices.
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