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Make sure you have the right model number for your CD-i

There were actually several different models of CD-i, and now they're all in the database. I've changed this entry to the 220 since that's the one that was originally pictured here. If you have/had/want this page, make sure that it's actually the right one.

The original:­/philips­/cd­-i­/910/

An early model:­/philips­/cd­-i­/210/

The one shaped more like a traditional game console:­/philips­/cd­-i­/450/

The ones intended as part of high-end home theater systems:­/philips­/cd­-i­/470/

The most advanced consumer-level model:­/philips­/cd­-i­/740/

If you're not sure which one you have, the most obvious marker will be the drive door. The 910/205 has a curved door, the 210 has a plain door, and the 220 conceals the drive behind a flat panel.

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