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December 18th 2011 6:34 pm

micro-sim and adapter from iphone 4s into a htc radar 4g

hi basicly i have brought a htc radar, but my sim is a microsim, i have a adapter, i was just wondering if i put the sim in the adapter and then into the radar, will i be able to remove it again? i know that in the 3gs, if you put a microsim +adapter in it gets stuck, but in like the galaxy s and others it slides in and out fine, i just wonerred before i risk breaking the phone to try, has anyone else got a htc radar and using a microsim? thanks :)

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It should work fine. If you plan on using the Radar as your only phone then just go to T-Mobile and get a regular-sized SIM Card. They're free with a 2 year contract or $10 without a contract - www.t­­/shop­/Phones­/cell­-phone­-detail.asp...
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