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July 28th 2009 11:04 pm

Motherboard failure

I bought my XPS m1330 in September 07 and was really happy with the hardware. At the time it was the only laptop I could find with an LED backlit display and it had all the specs that I wanted.

In July 08 I got the rainbow banding on the display which I found out is a symptom of a bad GPU so Dell replaced the motherboard under warranty and the system was as good as new.

Last Saturday I woke up, grabbed my XPS and started using it on battery power in front of the TV. It had been plugged in all night so it must have had a near full charge. After about 20 minutes of use, I moved back to my desk with the laptop still powered on and plugged the power back in. As soon as I put the plug into the socket on the machine, the whole machine powered off and was dead as a brick. The led on the power supply went out so I thought maybe I'd had a power out, but everything else in the room was fine.

No matter what I tried the system wouldn't power on. I called Dell and their technician told my my warranty had expired and that it would cost $288 to reinstate it. I told him that this was ridiculous because when I spend $2,400 on a laptop expect the motherboard to last over 1 year. I then quoted to him Section 18(c) of Canada's Sale of Goods Act. It reads:

"there is an implied condition that the goods will be durable for a reasonable period of time having regard to the use to which they would normally be put and to all the surrounding circumstances of the sale or lease"

I told him that under Canadian law a court of law would find that 3 years is a reasonable period of time for a high end laptop to last.

The tech was polite and reasonable, but it was clear that he didn't have the authority to reinstate my warranty. He recommended that I call back on Monday and get in touch with Customer Care. Since I'm at work during regular business hours Monday to Friday I haven't had the chance to call them yet.

I'm also not sure if I should maybe try to contact their legal department in regards to the Sale of Goods Act.

Has anyone out there had any similar experiences, or possibly even legal advice for dealing with Dell?



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Dell has extended my warranty free of charge for a few more months. Let's hope that the system doesn't fail again next summer.

Now I sit and patiently wait for the FedEx coffin.
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Amazingly mine just failed last week 5 days after my warrenty expired!

Dell have now extended all m1330's warrenty by 12 months. so ge tit replaced while you can
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I have the same laptop which is just over a year old. One of the worst laptops I ever used. The keyboard feels like a toy.
I initially had no problems and was infact happy with it than my other Lenovo T60 because XPS has a Nvidia and supports Compiz better than T60's ATI.

Reaching one year it started to give out loud noises from the HDD. The system would hang when these noises come and resumes after the sound is gone. So I thought clearly a HDD problem. Since I only ran this as a small server I didn't really take any care of it. After a while I thought of re-installing Ubuntu again when 8.10 came out. Midway through the installation it gave an error which basically pointed to a faulty HDD. I threw the damn thing in to cupboard (I was pretty annoyed because it was my first Dell and it crapped out just like that). I didn't call CS because 1) I seriously couldn't be bothered, 2) I don't speak Japanese.

Anyway, recently my wife wanted a laptop to do simple things like browsin and I thought why not give the XPS try. Maybe fix a new HDD. So I booted up Ubuntu CD just to give it one last chance before going out to buy a new HDD. This time it didn't detect the CD-ROM! I plugged in number of Ubuntu and XP CD's but it's dead. Threw the damn thing away again.

My mate who got the same model had his memory give out. This is an absolutely horrible laptop and is my first and last Dell.

I know Dell has good CS, but this is a piece of junk.
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