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June 1st 2011 12:31 am

My Canon PIXMA MP250 printer is giving me error code E03 (paper jam) but upon inspection there is nothing jammed inside, what should I do to solve this problem?

- I've looked online (including Canon's website for this specific printer) but none of the suggestions have helped.

- I've inspected inside and do not see any paper or other objects jammed inside, and there doesn't seem to be anything out of place.

- I've tried tipping it upside down and shaking it to get anything out, there was nothing inside to fall out.

- I'm very much doubting that there's actually a jam of any kind, the printer had no error message yesterday (other than a low ink warning, but I changed the ink today*) and there is nothing near it to fall in/get jammed inside.

*the Paper Jam message began today before I changed the ink, so it wasn't a problem caused by me changing the ink cartridge.
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I appear to have solved my own problem.

Notice: For many of you facing a similar problem — it's likely because something is actually jammed inside of your printer (this is common for all printers, things tend to fall in from above). To fix this: 1) turn the printer off; 2) feed cardboard or a thick piece of paper through the printer (in the opposite direction that the paper prints) and something should become dislodged and come out.

For me, however, it wasn't something jammed, just a very sensitive printer that required the paper to be perfectly aligned or else it triggered a "paper jam" error. Here's what I did to resolve this (read the "long answer" below to get more details):
1) Restart printer a few times.
2) Remove ink cartridges from their Cartridge Holders and then place them back in (making sure they're locked in place).
3) Make sure the paper is positioned in the center of the printer, the holding part behind the paper is completely slid out to support the paper, and the paper isn't skewed one direction inside the printer (basically, make sure the paper is in the printer correctly and sitting straight).
4) Hooray, printer worked!

-----Long answer (you can probably ignore this)-----
1) I repeatedly restarted the printer. I also decided to make sure that there wasn't anything jammed in the printer by following some advice I found online: feed cardboard or a thick piece of paper through the printer (in the opposite direction that the paper prints) while the printer was turned off. **This tip may prove very useful for some of you that have something jammed in the printer.**
2) One problem I was facing was that the ink Cartridge Holders would not slide to the center of the printer when I opened the Scanning Unit (Cover) like they were supposed to, probably because of the paper jam error. Because of this I wasn't able to change the ink cartridges. After one of these restarts I was lucky enough to have the Cartridge Holders finally slide the the center like they were supposed to. I decided to take advantage of this and remove both of the ink cartridges and then place them back into their Cartridge Holders, making sure that they were locked in place correctly.
3) The paper jam error finally went away, but when I tried to print it still wasn't feeding the paper through correctly - the left side was being pulled in and the right side wasn't, causing the print job to fail and I would receive another paper jam message. I slid out the back part of the printer completely (the thing that holds the paper up straight). This helped the paper to be better positioned and stay straighter. I noticed that the left corner of my paper was more forward (towards the front of the printer) than the right side of the paper, so I made sure both were equally positioned towards the front of the printer.
4) Finally, the paper printed correctly. However, I expect that this problem could reoccur in the future. There seems to be a lot of luck involved in fixing this issue, along with making sure that everything is perfect (ink and paper), good luck.
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Problem fixed for me by turning printer off and pushing a piece of card (from a pad of paper or similar) the wrong way through the printer.
The scanner should be open so you can tease the card through the rollers. Then pull from the back.
This should move whatever is jamming the paper.
Make sure that the bit in question does not fall back into the feed slot.
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I had the same problem. My printer was saying that it had a paper jam, yet I had not printed anything that had torn or jammed ! The last thing that I had printed came through fine. I looked, saw no paper or objects, reinserted the ink cartridges, turned it off and on, hit the reset button, etc. still it said paper jam. So I took another reader's advice and I pushed a sheet of cardboard from the back of a legal pad into the rollers, from each end of the copier. First I pushed it half way through the end where you insert paper, then on the opposite end where paper comes out. Turns out that a tiny piece of paper had fallen into the machine that was my daughter's that had been laid on top of the machine, a little piece of her artwork on a scrap of paper. Using the cardboard pushed it out. If not for that, I would have returned the copier stating that it was not working, because I knew that when I used it last it was fine ! Amazing how the copier recognized that little scrap of paper. Awesome machine.
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My problem was a headband that got stuck between the rollers....
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Thank you! If you were here I would kiss you!
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Thank you so much!!!
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If you've restarted the printer in addition to the steps you've mentioned, then it's unfortunately time to repair or replace the printer.

And I'd recommend replacement - repairing printers isn't typically worth the costs.
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