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June 1st 2010 8:12 pm

My cousin just got an HD2 & he's having problems syncing his contacts from his Gmail account onto the device (coming from a G1).

I looked up how to use the sync option that Google offers but it didn't work. Anybody have an idea how to do this?
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I would export the contact list as a CSV file and then import that file onto the device. Most contact applications will take a CSV or an Outlook contact file.
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Not sure if this is the website you found but here is google's instructions to sync your google account with windows mobile. It can sync email, contacts and calender or you can choose to only do one or two of them. However since you have an HTC phone. HTC provides an easier interface to enter information in.
Here are some instructions if my memory serves me correct.

From the home screen slide the slider over to mail and hit new/add account. You want to add an exchange/outlook account.

On the first page enter your gmail address and password then hit manual setup button underneath.

For username enter you entire gmail address again and enter your password again if it is not already there.
If you entered your entire email address *** then the domain field should be greyed out. Even if it is not greyed out just skip it since you domain is it is taken care of.
Check the box that says save password.

For the server enter: then check the ssl connection checkbox.
Hit next make sure you only have mail/contact/calender set to sync. If you have tasks set to sync it will give you an error since gmail doesn't support exchange tasks sync.
Hit done.

I hope that all makes since. It is an incredible pain to delete an exchange account so i cant go through it from the beginning but i think that is correct.
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