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My Samsung Galaxy Tab is stuck in a reboot loop, how do I fix it?

Hurray, Android! My parents and grandparents are in town this weekend, so I thought I'd share some of the latest technological wonders with them. I pull out my Google I/O Samsung Galaxy Tab and turn it on, only to find that it's now in an endless reboot loop. There's no way to get out of it. What the heck?

So, how do I fix it? Is my tablet bricked? Or is there an unnecessarily difficult way to restore the firmware (after all, Android) and get this thing working again?
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Try looking at this XDA thread forum.xda­­/showthread.php­?t­=1120509

If you hook it up to a computer you can fix it. It will probably take some more googleing once you figure out exactly what went wrong.
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Hi Dave ,
I dont know if you have all ready fixed your problem with the reboot.
But i had the same problem and it kept re-booting, and yet when it came into the operating system, it would freeze the moment i touched any icon and re-boot over and over again.
I dont know why or what caused it. But how i fixed it was...
1. Connect the charger cable to your tablet while it's in re-boot mode.
2. Connect it to the power source.
3. press the power off button for around 6-7 seconds until the tablets powers off.
now you think it's going to reboot again, but this time it should not, and you would see the battery charging sign appear on the screen and no reboot.
4. Just allow the tablet to charge fully.
Once it has, it should start working.
I dont know why but this is how mine got fixed after hours of rebooting.
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Never heard of that before. If it were me, I'd let it run itself completely out of battery and then just start it up and see if it's gone.

You could also try holding down the power button for 12 seconds (or however long a hard shutdown is) to try and get it to shut off. Then start it back up again.

Also, why would restoring firmware be unnecessarily difficult because it's Android? I know you hate Android (in an unfounded way, much of the time) , but even on Android, resetting (soft and hard) are both available options in the settings menu or via buttons. You can do a factory data reset or just restart the phone. Restoration on Android has never been an issue. You even get your apps back via automatic downloads when it's up and running again.
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i had encouter the same, every time the tab start keep reboot, i would factory reset the device as i got google restore, it' only a half pain exeperience. Lately, i figured out it was a bug, when my tab keep trying connect (showing, obtainning ip address from XXXX)to my home wifi it would reboot, if i shut wifi on my tab, no reboot, then i discovered when i just restart my home wifi router, which the tab can get connected again and won't restart. So it seems as long as my tab can successfully connect to a wifi router it will be fine.
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I had to do this for the second time and it wasn't the solution that was picked for the top answer, so I thought I should drop the link to the instructions that helped me fixed this issue:­/forum­/galaxy­-tab­-10­-1­-help...

You're going to need a Windows PC and also have to download some files (included in the link), and install some stuff. The major caveat with this method is that it's basically a factory reset, so you're going to lose all of your data. I'm hoping I won't have to do this again!
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Try booting into recovery or HBOOT (on most phones volume down + power but I'm not sure with tablets). Also, have you installed any custom roms?
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I have the same problem, and this website give me an amazing solution. Just try it:­/content­/samsung­-galaxy­-tablet­-101s­-wo...
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Had the same symptom (reboot loop), after some tests (cleaning device cache in recovery mode, press power button for a long time) finally found the problem was on the SD card. Removed the SD card, formatted and problem solved
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