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May 18th 2010 11:42 am

My Wii will not power on. There are no lights that turn on. I've unplugged everything from the console and left it unplugged.

I plugged just the power adapter back in (checking to make sure it was in securely and such). I plugged it into the surge protector. Still nothing. I tried another outlet in another room that I know works, still nothing. So I left it all unplugged for several days and tried again. Still no power at all. Should I see if I get it repaired or purchase a new power adapter?
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Unplug the power brick from the console as well as the outlet and leave it unplugged for two or three minutes and it will reset the brick. Plug it back in after three minutes and all should be okay
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I would suggest trying to pinpoint the problem as much as possible before spending any money. You already tried a different outlet known to be working, and I assume your surge protector is working if other devices work fine with it. Now your best (and cheapest) option would be to borrow a working Wii power adapter from a friend. If the Wii turns on then your power adapter is bad and it will need to be replaced. If your Wii still won't turn on after trying a known working power adapter, at least now you know for sure the problem lies within the Wii itself, and it will need to be repaired.
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This happened to my Wii a couple of years ago. Wouldn't turn on for days. I tried different outlets, surge protectors... couldn't figure out what the problem was. I kept meaning to ask a friend if I could borrow a working power adapter to test it, but kept forgetting or didn't have time, so I just didn't touch the console for a couple weeks, and some time later I randomly tried plugging it in and turning it on, and it worked. I never did figure out what happened.
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I had a power surge that blew the fuse in mine (in the plug). Be sure to replace it with a 3A one for safety.
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there is no fuse in the plug
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Just followed this advice and it works. It was taken out during a quick 4 power outages today. My motivated 11 year old found this post and now is the self-proclaimed king of research.
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Thank you, scooter696971! This worked perfectly! Our power went out yesterday with a quick couple of bursts and then was out for about 3-4 hours. I did exactly what you said, and it worked great!
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