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August 22nd 2011 12:57 pm

Now that HP's Touchpad firesale has put hundreds of thousands of WebOS tablets in consumer's hands, could it reinvigorate interest with developers?

Just wondering if a significant market injection like this, along with potentially licensing WebOS to other hardware developers, could be exactly what HP needs.
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I'm not sure it will reinvigorate developer support. Mainly because both HP and Palm promised so much potential to anyone who developed for webOS and they constantly failed to deliver a viable platform (in terms of compelling products that attract a large user base).

If I were a developer and was constantly disappointed by HP / Palm's strategy, I'm pretty sure I'd be going elsewhere at this point. Even with a few hundred thousand new users, the fact that there will be no webOS products in the foreseeable future would make me pretty apprehensive about the future of the platform.
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I'd say at least initially, this sparks some up swing in sales that would make some developers pretty happy. Some apps are seeing 10x the downloads because of the firesale.


But overall, if I were a developer, I'd make a run for it in the next few months for a different platform.
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Only in free software developers. No chance if you're trying to make money writing software are you going to invest time and resources in developing for a platform that will have no retail presence in the holiday buying season.
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its worth a shot. I think this is what they want.
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Doesn't matter... Honestly for 99/149 it's a perfectly serviceable device as it stands with no support.

If the support comes later, via HP or Android port... great, but don't buy it thinking this is a forgone certainty.
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Nope. If HP has no faith in the platform, there is no reason for developers to stick with it.
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