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Okay, I am getting seriously bored with my DROID, which I have had since the product launch.

I have envied the Pre Plus since the day of its announcement, and I wish I had waited for it badly. Today I went into a Verizon store and played with a Pre Plus for about an hour. I was so envious. At home, I searched on eBay for some Pre Plus unlocked deals, since I don't have a contract renewal open, and I will NOT pay $600 for this (technically) year and a half old phone. I found a Pre for about $70, expiring tomorrow, unlocked (meaning no contract required). I plan on buying an LTE phone when available next year. Is this phone worth it for a few months, even with the great deal? Thanks!

ALSO, I forgot to mention that there is a pack of screen protectors, Body Glove case, and a Touchstone included.

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I think you just bore out the meaning of your username with that post. Pre Plus over a Droid 1? Really? I don't even know where to begin with that.
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No, not at all. I have a Palm Pre and that thing is basically dead in the water. No decent apps, haven't been any updates for it for quite sometime, cheap build quality. If I were you I'd stick with the Droid. Or get another Android phone.
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I really would have to discourage you from getting any WebOS phone. The development really isn't there, although it's a beautiful OS built on some decent hardware. Plus Palm's recent acquisition by HP means that the future for WebOS phones is seriously in doubt.
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