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April 18th 2012 5:02 pm

Original Transformer (TF101) Owners: Are you happy with the ICS update?

The original ICS update for the Asus Transformer started rolling out almost 2 months ago. It was met with users reporting device reboot loops, poor battery performance, and app crashes.

Asus has since released a software update (March 13th - version to try and combat these problems.

Some users are reporting that the initial problems are still present, some are reporting it has been fixed.

Given the last month to consider, how have you found the update to be? Was it a big jump from Honeycomb? Are you experiencing problems?
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It has ruined the TF101 for me. It has taken the joy out of it. I definitely can't demo the device for others, given that it might shut down at any moment. I have tried all of the solutions (other than rooting) that appear on the forums but to no avail. If I could afford to get another table I would. It went from being wonderful with Honeycomb to crap with ICS.
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TgD's pick

I have a Transformer TF101 with the ICS update and all I can say is that I'm highly disappointed. I'm having the same problems over and over. The tablet keeps reseting when in idle mode (may a day not, but the next day it resets 2 or 3 times) and from time to time, when I pick up the tablet, the sound does not works... so I have to reboot it.

The problem also affects the battery, because sometimes, when it resets, it can't reboot completely and it leaves the screen on, wasting battery. So, sometimes, when a I pick the tablet, it has no battery left...

Currently I can't recommend this tablet anymore, neither any other from Asus. If anyone is looking for a tablet, buy a Galaxy Tab or an iPad.
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Interestingly I had no signifigant problems with TF101 on honeycomb or after the upgrade to ICS. (IE:short of not knowing how to do things). Compared to the ACER ICONIA A 500 it is a dream, very poor WI-FI range was a major issue with that.
Oh yes... When the TF101 was sleeping and I woke it up I couldnt connect to WI Fi 50% of time without rebooting the DLINK DIR 615 router. Changing router settings to allow only 20MHz rather than Auto 20/40 Mhz fixed that problem
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