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June 16th 2011 8:42 pm

outdoor computing with wireless keyboard/moniter desktop computer

due to disability , I require a 22inch moniter, so notebook wouldn't work .... would like a break from studying indoors all the time, or even to compute some 12-15m away from computer in a better sunlit area of house.....
now heres the thing, in NO WAY can i spend more than $100 on this........ I am intresting in learnign what possiblities there are

computer specs: acer M3910 (my computer is from canada)
acer number on thier website is- PT.SDX02.057 (my part # ends with .027)
and i have bought a wireless adapter for it to connect to main internet portal upstairs- the specs from where I bought it (the invoice) are:

AM3910-E2552 W7HP64B ENG/FR Intel Core i3-540(4M L3 cache, 3.06G, DDR3 1333M, 73W)4G DDR3 SDRAM 1T SATA, Super-Multi dr Intel HD Graphics with 1.70 GB of video memory Gigabit LAN, USB Keyboard and Mouse

moniter specs: acer X223W
X223W DBD 22 INCH WIDE 1680 x 1050 50000:1 (MAX ACM) 250 cd/m2 5ms black

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ok- just read the comments re making a moniter wireless hard to do for $100... intresting- thanks- that then really narrows my options, but does seem to answer my question- generally, how much do wireless moniiters cost- over $200?
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There are wireless Keyboards,Mice, & even wireless display tech that could do this, but not for $100.

Is there no way to move the whole PC to where you want?

Also, since you mentioned your need for a large monitor due to disability I'm assuming you have a vision problem.

Moving/working to "better sunlit area of the house" may make your monitor even harder to see.
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It's generally much easier to find wireless mouse & keyboard sets than it is to find ways to make a monitor wireless. You most likely won't be able to do this on $100, unfortunately.
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I am renting the basement- so the only real area I have for studying is within my private area- but sometimes I would wish to have an option to "switchup"where I am studying at- CPU -computer portion is quite heavy to move back and forth.... some good thought tho..... still want to wiegh in on others thoughts ...... sunlit, if from behind the moniter, works excellent.... right now all i have is florecent lights and samll desktop lamps positioned above desk on a shelf
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