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November 15th 2010 12:54 pm

Palm Pre now, or wait for HTC 7 Pro?

OK, I acknowledge that this might be a weird situation, but here's the deal: I currently own the (rerrible, terrible) Samsung Instinct, and am up for a 2-year renewal at Sprint. I've had the opportunity to spend a few days with the WP7 platform, and like it a lot, but I'm not 100% sold on it. I have also tried Android, and it's not for me.

So, as far as smartphones go, that pretty much means I get the Pre now, or I wait 2-5 months until the HTC 7 Pro is released. Is the Pre a good enough platform to make this tradeoff worthwhile, or would it be better to wait?

Final thought - the "missing features" on the WP7 aren't a big deal for me. I'm a pretty light smartphone user, and am primarily concerned with a decent web broswer, access to email, calendars, social networking, and gaming on the device. I also use Zune and have a hotmail account.
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Web OS is a nice operating system but, the pre hardware is terrible. I have two friends with the pre. One is on his eighth replacement unit. The other is on his forth. So, for that reason alone I wouldn't bother.

When is your contract up? I would buy a pre on ebay and then use that till your contract is up. That way you could potentially have the choice of the new Web OS hardware that is in the pipeline or you could even switch to another carrier and have the choice of any phone on the USA market.
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I was face with the same situation on AT&T, Samsung Focus or Palm Pre Plus, I got the Pre Plus and I like it by far better then my previous phones (Blackberry Bold 9700, Nexus One, and Nokia 5800). WebOS is awesome and 2.0 is on the way. I am not sure about the original Pre. If I was you depending on my need for a new phone I would wait until CES to see if new WebOS hardware heading to Sprint.
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I work for a party CLOSELY related to a major player you've mentioned. I can't point out which one, but seriously, WAIT UNTIL SUMMER 2011! Seriously, do not waste your upgrade on any device right now. Windows Phone 7 is not a finished OS could be thought of as Alpha (should be beta by now), Android has no center of gravity, and the Pre has been "EOL'd."
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Palm Pre uses WebOS which is a disaster of a platform. It's slow, unresponsive and has no real developer support and community, kind of like Symbian. I would wait and go for a WP7 device -- the OTA update which will bring copy and paste, multi-tasking etc. will be coming in early January which is something to look forward to.
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i would NOT get the original palm pre on sprint. i have it & like it but it's being phased it (if not already done). i'd wait if you can. hopefully sprint is getting a new webOS phone
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