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June 30th 2010 4:19 pm

Please excuse my ignorance on the subject

So I Want to set up my PS3 with my Yamaha 5.1 surround sound 5.1 home theater package. I was wondering what level of audio quality this is, and whether or not I should set up an HDMI from my ps3 to my audio receiver then run an hdmi out to my tv or run hdmi from my ps3 to tv then from my tv to my audio reciever.
I just bought a new 50" panasonic viera plasma with the THX mode. Model Model: TC-P50G20 |
And my audio receiver is a yamaha natural sound av receiver rx-v367.
What is the best way to get the best picture and audio quality out of my setup.
Also I have a cable box from time warner and the same question applies to that as well, how do I get the best audio and picture quality out of that.

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Go PS3 to receiver to plasma. If your receiver does HD sound decoding, then just let it do it, if it doesn't, then let your PS3 do it, then send it pcm. THX mode just means it has better decoding of regular sound, but I really doubt that it has HD audio decoding built into the plasma, and that is your best sound there.
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Doesn't look like your receiver does:­/yec­/products­/productdetail.html­?CNT...

Have the PS3 decode the stream before sending it to the receiver, then have the reciever only be an amp for the sound without any processing. Make sure the receiver is set to PCM-Multi-Ch on that HDMI source
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