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March 13th 2014 9:44 am

Portable Headphones Bose AE2i vs B&W P3

Hi, i narrowed down my portable headphones search to two headphones: B&W p3 and Bose AE2i
I Don't want a lot of sound leakage as i use it around people in silent places, and i want a CLEAR CRISP sound with defined base and treble over most frequencies. ! one of the reason i chose these is i also don't want a very big headphones.
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Is there anywhere nearby you can go to try them out? Maybe a Bose or Apple store nearby?

I used to own the original Bose AE headphones(I used them for a few years before I broke them) and currently own the B&W P5 headphones. (I also tried out the P3 before deciding on the P5 set)


If you want the best experience not having sound leakage, I think the Bose is going to be your best bet. The P3's sit 'on ear' like my P5's. They will leak a bit of sound at high volumes. However I honestly think the B&W sets sound better than the Bose (again, I only had the original AE set, maybe they upgraded the AE2)

Headphones are such hit and miss, and I am guilty of trying to find stores with good return policies so I can listen to headphones for a week or so before fully deciding on them.
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