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June 11th 2013 12:10 pm

Post-E3 Conference, Xbox One or PS4?

I am a fan of xbox 360 and I had it at my cousins place. To be true i have just seen ps3 and really didnt played it much to judge. But I was sure that I am getting a Xbox one for myself. But after watching Xbox's and PS's E3 conference. I am really confused. I just want it for gaming purposes, also I have to mention this, that I am from India, where we dont socialise in gaming or get on online TV much.
I was bound to order the Xbox but price, sharing these all stuff from Playstation really made me confused.

What should I get for myself .. Xbox One or PS4.
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The Xbox One is not coming to India until fall of 2014

You may need to get a PS4
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Go PS3. The library of awesome exclusive games will be huge and you don't have to use Kinect. It's a simpler machine overall and it seems that you just want to play awesome games, right?
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