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January 11th 2014 11:00 pm

Question about 5.1 receivers

My receiver is a Yamaha rx-v465 and the Yamaha subwoofer is a yst-sw215. They are five years old but wanted to ask your opinion on how to set up some speakers I just bought. I bought some klipsch speakers to go with my Yamaha equipment. I have three front speakers and two speakers for the back and set it up with a device from Best Buy that enables the back speakers to work without wires as we have wooden floors and cannot run wire. The speakers work great with the Yamaha receiver and subwoofer. My problem is I have two overhead speakers wired to come out of the wall by the tv set but cannot find the proper place to plug them in to either the receiver or the subwoofer to make them work. Is that because my receiver is just 5.1 and will only work for 5 speakers or is there anyway to set it up for 7 speakers? Thanks for any help on this.

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