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May 22nd 2011 6:31 pm

Recommended Applications for Bold 9700?

What applications do you recommend downloading for this phone? so far I downloaded the following:

- BeBuzz: nice and can save a few trips if the phone is charging far away.
- BerryReader: this is actually a very good app for Google reader users.
- Twitter: looks really nice and works perfectly.

So what other apps have you downloaded?
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I have the Bold 9000 and find Google Sync, Gmail, and Google Voice to be indispensable.
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Check this link for a bigger list:

Must Have Native/RIM Applications

1. Blackberry Messenger
2. RIM Twitter Client
3. Facebook
4. Flickr
5. Blackberry Wallet - App to store credit card information, loyalty card information, web login credentials etc
6. Password keeper - Store web credentials on Blackberry
7. Blackberry Protect - Still a beta app - helps in remote backup/restore, locating a device, remote wipe/lock the device
8. Gmail/Yahoo/ICQ/MSN Chat clients

Must have Third party Blackberry Applications
1. WallpaperShifter
2. BerryBuzz (Commercial) - Extends the blackberry alert system
3. Bloomberg Mobile - The best finance app for Blackberry
4. MeterBerry - Monitor battery, memory and display device info
5. Zonasnap - Screenshot tool for Blackberry
6. Quicklaunch - A must have for keyboard shortcut aficionados
7. Google Maps
8. Google Mobile App - Other than web search, does local device search as well.
9. Gmail - If you love something in Gmail which is not supported by Enhanced Gmail Plugin, this app should help
10. LinkedIn - Love the "view linkedin profile" feature within messages :P
11. Amazon
12. Kayak Travel Search
13. BeamExplorer - Free File Explorer
14. TIME Mobile - World News
15. Filescout - yet another file explorer; however this is fast and hence commercial
16. Citibank Mobile banking app (India) -
17. ICICI mobile banking (iMobile)
18. Opera Mini - Alternative to Blackberry native browser
19. Hertz Rent A Car
20. UnRar
21. Documents 2 Go - Open/Edit Pdf/Doc/Xls/Ppt
22. Berry Weather Free - The best weather application for Blackberry with a nice home screen icon as well.
23. Kindle for Blackberry
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If you're in a country that supports it, Slacker Radio too. Nice way to fill in your music without having to load up on storage and sync (something the BlackBerry isn't a master at).
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The Blackberry Bold 9700 has served me well for a long time. I would suggest some of these

Socialscope - Best Twitter App in my opinion.
Capture It - Screen capture software
QuickLaunch - this was pretty much mandatory for me!
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