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February 18th 2012 11:34 pm

Refurb DS Lite or DSi?

So I just upgraded my phone and got a 50 gift certificate from Best Buy. I want some kind of mindless entertainment, so I decided why not purchase a DS? I am now looking to buy a refurb DS Lite from Game Stop and use the $50 towards a game or get the newer DSi at Best Buy with the certificate. Which should I choose?

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Unless you plan on buying whatever "apps" or mini-games from the Nintendo store in the DSi, I would just get the DS Lite. It's compact, has longer battery life, and cheaper. You won't get anything out of the DSi.
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If you have an iPhone or a good Android phone, then I would recommend doing casual gaming on them, otherwise I would recommend an iPod touch. A DS Lite / DSi is very good at collecting dust and overcharging for games compared to iOS / Android.
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