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July 10th 2009 6:50 pm

rom corruption?

So a month or so ago the Calendar and Contacts just stopped working... I'd click and nothing would happen. I did a hard reset, and now I have double entries for some things in the Programs menu (two Help listings, two HP Help and Support, two Windows Media). And occasionally the Ipaq will forget that programs are allowed to run. It "forgot" that HandyShopper was a valid application, a reinstall from the .cab fixed it, and I had Google Maps give me a random system error message... I reinstalled the cab and it works fine now.

Should I be wary of hard-resetting again? This just passed it's one year warranty 2 months ago, and checking Brighthand it would be about $200-300 to fix the rom through HP... basically the cost of the thing itself.

Also, the week after the warranty expired, I suffered the "neillm"syndrome". I had to hard reset three times then it was working again.
Is there a post-warranty self-destruct chip in this or what?

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