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September 25th 2011 11:41 am

Seeking a Windows 8 Convertible laptop! Intel based with 1280 Res.

I've been loving me test drive of windows 8. it's smoother than windows 7. But... All the features that make it really worth having are for a touch screen. I'm currently rocking a Toshiba satellite with a single core Celeron cpu. its a 15" in netbook. I love touch screens but i hate tablets. I'm looking for a convertible laptop. something like a Lenovo X220 or a dell latitude xt2 or a HP touchsmart tx2. But not as heavy as these 3. i like these because they have the power i want but unlike the Samsung series 7 slate and the acer iconia w the screen is attached. I want something Thin, around 2 lbs. minimum core i3 cpu, minimum 4 gb of ram (Upgradable to 8 if possible) and 1 ghz GPU.

I want Bluetooth and NFC. I can really care less if theres a rear facing camera. tablets aren't for taking pictures. thats what phones & point and shoots are for. I want a minimum 3 MP front facing camera. 2 USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports and an HDMI port. When i say thin and light, i really mean thin and light (not iPad thin. I like my computers to have some meat on their bones. Maybe something as plump as a touchpad all round). I want a smart screen and Dumb keyboard. the Keyboard should be little more than a that with ports that doubles as a stand and a case.

DLNA is a must and needless to say to me a good quality touchscreen is like the tires on a car. it absolutely must be top quality. accelerometer is a must, gyroscope and wireless n are a must. hit me back if you've got some tips on where to find my unicorn because the oems aren't making this as far as i can see.

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Well, the Samsung convertable tablet is what was sent out to blogs, so you can try that. Also, the Dell Inspiron Duo is nice.
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Get the Microsoft Surface for Windows 8 Pro. Coming in January 2013.
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