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May 19th 2012 3:37 pm

Should I buy a Galaxy S3 or stick with my new RAZR MAXX?

I had to buy a new phone and decided to get a RAZR MAXX. 2 days later, I discover the Galaxy S3 will be coming out within my 14-day trial period on Verizon. I like the battery life of the MAXX but the S3 seems to have a better camera and includes S-Voice (a SIRI of sorts). So, stick with the RAZR or pay the $35 restocking fee and get the S3 when it comes out in the next few days?
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If you can forgo the crazy battery life of the maxx then get the S3 it trumps the RAZR in every way except battery life.

And the upgrades are well worth the price at least in my opinion they are. Make sure to check if you need the better specifications.
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The battery life on the SIII seems to be a deal breaker for me. If the thing is dead at the end of every afternoon, it will be a headache. If the RAZR MAX ran Andorid ICS, or the Galaxy SIII had better battery life, it would be a much easier choice.
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