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Should I buy a Palm Pixi Plus, or Palm Pre (the original)?

I want to use it mostly as a messaging featurephone, and I want to try to put together an application or two on it. I'm mostly worried about responsiveness and battery life.
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I own both and I can say that battery seems to be equal between the two. If you're looking for messaging, I'd really have to suggest the pixi, it's keyboard is fantastic and if you think you'll be typing a lot, nothing beats that form factor. Very efficient. Also the hardware of the pixi seems much less prone to problems and breaking like the pre with its slider mechanism. As far as performance goes, the pixi seems to stay more responsive when only running 1 or 2 apps, possibly even more than the pre. But once you get past the first few apps, the pre handles tasks better. That's just my personal experience and perception. Everybody hates on the pixi for being slow, but honestly if you're not pushing it too hard, it works quite well. And one last thing -- pixi's are dirt cheap these days. I've used them both for a long time now so let me know if you have other questions.
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I'd go with the Pre unless you are dead set on the Pixi form-factor. Responsiveness is pretty good on a stock Pre with only a few cards open. The real way to go though is to load up Preware and run with the 800 MHz overclock. It pretty much transforms the phone instantly.
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Since both the the Pixi plus and palm pre are smartphones, your carrier, ATT, T-mobile, Sprint or Verizon, will require you to get a data plan. I'm pretty sure about this but correct me if I'm wrong. If you don't want to pay a lot for data, just grab the cheapest data plan mayb $15 bucks or something for 200MB data per month on ATT. And when you do have your phone, use Wi-fi as much as possible lol.
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I would avoid the pixi plus and go for the palm pre (original) as mentioned here already you can transform the phone to twice its power by overclocking it to 800mhz or even 1ghz with minimum issues. Perhaps even the new operating system (WebOS 2) may hit these phones soon.

However the phone is rather outdated now in comparison with the type of phones that are available now (hd video recording, higher megapixel camera, higher screen resolution, 1ghz processor as standard etc)
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