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September 6th 2012 7:02 am

Should I buy an extra battery and if so what brand of battery should I get?

I just ordered the S100 and I've read so many reviews saying an extra battery is essential but when going to order one I get confused should I go all out and get an original or would a normal cheap one do the same job.
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The S100 has awful battery life. Its the one negative with it. And the Canon NB5L battery rated at 1200mAH just doesnt do it for me. Yes you need a spare and you'd be wasting money getting an original. I was in the same predicament as you, and after much research I went with the STK battery.­/gp­/product­/B000NK5Z8Y­/ref­=oh­_detail...

I'm happy I did and at 1600mAH, it holds a charge a bit longer as well. Ive had the camera and spare battery for a few months now, and after taking it half way around the world and some 3000 pictures and videos later, I have no issues to report. The STK IMHO is a safe bet.
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First off, I would definitely recommend a second battery. Also, the quality of the battery is everything and I really wouldn't recommend a cheap battery. I'd suggest you either go with a second Canon battery or get an Energizer one instead (CA5L if I'm not mistaken.) I got the Energizer as a second battery for my S95 and it lasts slightly longer and also loses its charge slower when it's not being used. So yeah, I'd really say that the investment in a better quality battery is worth it.
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Most people can probably get by with just one battery. If you feel like you need another after using the camera for a while, go with a Canon battery. An extra battery with less real-world charge is always an issue eventually.
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