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October 27th 2013 9:14 pm

Should I get this or a 3DS? Is the 3D thing the only difference?

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The differences between the 3DS and 2DS are:
  • No 3D, but it isn't needed for 99% of games
  • The 2DS is cheaper by about $40
  • The 2DS has a cheaper-feeling build
  • The 3DS has a clamshell design, which protects the screen
  • The button layout is slightly different
If you're interested in playing 3DS games but don't care about the 3D aspect (and honestly, you shouldn't, it doesn't add much and tends to eat battery life), the 2DS is a good buy (if you don't care about pocketability so much).

However, our Must-have Nintendo handheld is actually the 3DS XL, which does have some further differences. It adds:
  • A better battery life
  • A larger top screen (which is more forgiving for the 3D)
  • Most expensive of all the 3DS family, though
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If you play fighting games, I would highly recommend you go to a store and test it first because the button layout looks as though it will make Street Fighter IV extremely difficult to play with any accuracy.
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