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July 1st 2011 1:14 am

should i go for nvidia gtx 560ti or amd radeon hd 6870?

planning to upgrade my video card
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The gtx 560 has been down to preform higher than hd 6870 and on top of that is noted for being an exceptionally quiet card with no heating issues. Add the fact that it's SLI compatible and you have a winner in Nvidia.
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I would definetley go for the GTX 560. It has great performance and you can get a second GTX 560 for excellent SLI performance in a few month very cheap when you might need it.
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thanks the geekdad i was thinking the same..
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I just upgraded from dual ATI 5670s to a GTX 560ti from EVGA.

I could not be happier, I am able to run The Witcher 2 on "Ultra" setting with no problems. I was running into glitches caused by running dual cards in CrossFire on my old setup.

The 560 ti kind of blows everything out of the water right now when it comes to price to performance, and I would suggest it wholeheartedly.

Plus, after experienceing both, I really think nVidia has better drivers/software... I ran into problems on my ATI setup with the CCC (Catalyst Control Center) failing to run after updating to the latest version, and having to reinstall drivers multiple times to get things to work properly. Also, after running into graphical glitches in the Witcher 2 my solution was running hacked drivers.

My Nvidia setup has works right out of the box since day one with no configuration necessary.
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