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So how responsive is the NOOKcolor?

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The video that Crunchgear posted earlier shows that it isn't very at all.­/2010­/10­/26­/hands­-on­-with­-the­-no...

I have no words.
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I have been happy with mine. The Web browser is a bit clunky. It is an ereader though and it will get better. I love reading on it. I turn the brightness down and it does not bother my eyes.

Movies work well on there too. I have 4 on there now.
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Mine is rooted with Cyanogen and have downloaded many apps and games with no issues with anything I throw at it. The stock software was a bit clunky as RucknRun stated but works very nice after rooting it and installing Cyanogen's GB ROM.

If you are looking to explore tablets to try and discover if they have a place in your gadgets inventory then this is a cheap way to do this. It is lacking with the camera and microphone but all in all I have no complaints. Its a sturdy/responsive device.
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Running Cyanogenmod 7.1.0 and its pretty responsive. Just remember, the device was not originally a the touchscreen is not as sensitive as my phone
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I bought my NookColor for the MERE PURPOSE of rooting it. As I live in Mexico City, and B&N store won't work here, I've got not use for the stock OS (which i HAVE to say, was great, and I LOVED the keyboard)...

I've rooted and intalled CM7 into the eMMC (internal memory). As booting from SD would be obviously slower.

I haven't tried HoneyComb, because I haven't got the time to load it into a microSD card and boot the NC from there (just to look at it, as I KNOW that I'm better off with CM7 GingerBread).

I have to admit, I do feel it a little sluggish usually. I would guess its because of the processor. Here in Mexico, I could easily sell my Nook Color for about $4,500 mexican pesos (around $400USDs), and get myself a Samsung Galaxy 7" WiFi Tab for $5,999 MXN.. I'd be willing to pay a little extra for the better processor. But, from what I've heard and read; it ain't much better. I have no use for the Bluetooth, and even if I'd certainly use the GPS, i have my Droid X for that... Thing is, I love my NookColor. It is so much more elegant than the Galaxy.
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