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June 21st 2010 12:44 pm

So yesterday I got a 58" plasma from Panasonic; Model: TC-P58S2

Now I have a few questions(Sorry, this is my first HDTV, I know, some of these may sound dumb):
I was wondering which technology is better at the present moment, HDMI or component cables, and if HDMI is indeed better, which is the best HDMI cable I can get.
I was also trying to get a blu-ray player, I was thinking of getting a PS3, how does the blu-ray quality on the PS3 match up to other players, also, should I get an HDMI cable for my PS3 if I decide to go that way?
thanks so much for your time

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HDMI is the best cable you can get currently for VIDEO AND/OR AUDIO.

Lots of TV/Blu-ray review sites use the PS3 as a reference blu-ray player - they are fast and dependable and the firmware is always up to date. You can get them cheaper now, but you get so much more with the PS3....

You may want to factor in instant-on/off, power use, and universal remote compatibility though. The PS3 is bad on all of those and you need an adapter to use a Harmony remote with it.
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Regarding HDMI vs Component check out this write up at Blue Jeans Cable, it does a really good job comparing them:­/articles­/dvihdmicomponent.h... The only noticeable thing I've been able to pick up on is audio volume is slightly higher on HDMI over Component.

Regarding where to get cables, just go to . You can get 6ft cables from them for around $4 if not cheaper now. No one manufacture makes a better cable than the other. In order for a cable to be certified as HDMI it has to meet specific requirements, so if they don't then they are not considered HDMI. Unless you're running long distances (50 plus feet) it doesn't matter.

The PS3 is regarded by many as being the best blu-ray player out there in the terms of quality and versatility. It can now do Netflix and even MLB.TV with I'm sure more to come later.
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can't go wrong with a ps3, get cheap hdmi on ebay. get one for the ps3 one for the cable box to the tv and one if you have a receiver with hdmi i/o.
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