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January 13th 2014 1:42 pm

Springboard crashes frequently on the 5s, any ideas?

On my 5s Springboard will crash at least once a week, sometimes I've had it crash over five times in just one day. This appears to be a common based on a quick search of the internets, but was wondering if anyone had any tips for narrowing this down? Based on reading I'm afraid that this may be an unfixable issue (is that a word?) and a result of the new A7 processor.
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My iPhone 5s, and iPad Air had rebooted a handful of times on 7.0.4. I lost track of the exact amount of times they rebooted. However I'm a registered developer and I am running 7.1 beta 3 now and I haven't had a single reboot on either device! Hold in there. 7.1 will be available soon in the future!
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Well I guess that's the official line from Apple - wait.­/2014­/01­/22­/apple­-ios7­-crash­-fix/
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I have a 5th gen iPod Touch (A5 chip in it?) and Springboard crashes all the time. The most frequent cause it when I receive a notification from the Starbucks app. I swipe the notification to open the Starbucks app and poof! Springboard will crash with almost certainty.

I've also had Dots and Sensorly crash a lot.

I think it is iOS 7.
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Wish I could help you, but sounds like apps might not yet all be optimized for the 64 bit thing? Does it seem related to opening certain apps? Did you do the whole reinstall thing yet to see if that helped?
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This happens frequently on my iPad mini with Retina display as well. Interestingly enough, I don't have these issues with my iPhone 5. This also leads me to believe it's an issue with iOS 7 and the A7 processor. I doubt it's an unfixable problem, but it will probably take forever for Apple to address it -- they're particularly fond of taking their time rolling out updates.
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