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December 5th 2011 12:56 pm

Sprint or Verizon?

I have verizon now but I don't have a data plan, however i am paying 10 bucks a month for unlimited texting. My plan ends at the end of December and I want a smartphone. Being a college student I would love to save money and Verizon's unlimited data plan is 30 bucks a month and stops at 2GB (i hear rumors of 4GB now). However I was searching on the internet and found out that Sprint has great smartphones and their unlimited data plan is not just actually unlimited(no cutoff mark or slowing you down and thats only 10 bucks a month.

I love verizon, i get great service and signal and have never had a problem with them but saving money and actually getting unlimited would be great. I dont know what to do. Any ideas?

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Generally Sprint is cheaper, However, the Unlimited plan is not 10 bucks a month. You have to be on the Data Plan Package first, which starts at 69.99 a month, that plan a smartphone or non-smartphone can be on. Then you add 10 dollars onto that plan if you have a smartphone on it. That plan comes with 450 anytime minutes, unlimited nights and weekends, unlimited mobile to mobile (any cellphone carrier included), unlimited texting, and unlimited data usage. That's the cheapest plan however that you can have a smartphone on period with Sprint. So 79.99

Verizon cuts up their plans, and you pick data, texting, and minutes separately. For the same basic plan, with 450 anytime, unlimited nights and weekends, unlimited mobile to mobile (Verizon to Verizon only), unlimited texting and 2 gbs of data it's 89.99 a month.
the 4GB you've heard about is a special promo they are running, you only get that if you are getting a 4g supported smartphone, so non-LTE phones are out, and can only get the 2GB plan, so iPhone not included.

Mostly though, Verizon will have a better service area, really thou, this is what matters most, if Sprint has a horrid service area where you live or are going to be, for the extra 10 bucks, your way better off with Verizon. Where I live for instance, Sprint and Verizon have the same basic service area where I live, differs slightly, but nothing major, so I have went with Sprint, but that's not always going to be the case.

Check thoroughly about the service area's in your area, go to local stores that sell multiple carriers, and talk to their salesman, generally, they will know what service they sell with best coverage area is, and usually they will tell you truthfully, as if they sell multiple carriers, coverage can be a major selling point for them. Also don't believe just them, go around, find real people that have Sprint. You only have 14 days now, with all carriers to cancel the contracts, and they also will still charge the activation fee's if you cancel after the 3rd day, So doing research beforehand is a must.
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Our family got a great deal on a Sprint Family Plan several months back. My brother-in-law had been with Sprint for almost 2 years I believe, and was being reimbursed pretty well by his company for any phone plan he wanted. He offered to let us on his plan & just pay the marginal costs for being added. He also negotiated with Sprint to allow him to put 6 people on his family plan. The official company policy is to only allow 5, but if you have a good payment history and have been with them a couple of years they can make exceptions.

They had a special deal going at the time with the Samsung Replenish. There was no upcharge for the data plan, which includes texting, of course, and it was unlimited. With the other phones it was an additional $10 per month. We shared minutes, but evenings after 7 pm & weekends don't count. Neither do calls to or from any other cell phone regardless of provider. Not bad for $20 / month - $25 / month after all the taxes & line charges etc.

I was still a little leery of switching from US Cellular as we were happy with that family plan and they had unlimited incoming calls. I used my Vonage VoIP service to "simulring" my business calls to both my desk phone & cell phone. It was handy for me to take calls wherever I was & not have to worry about minutes.

It turns out that the GoogleVoice integration with Sprint eliminated most of that issue. I ported my work number to my new Sprint phone & then made it my GoogleVoice # also. That allows me to have incoming calls ring multiple phones... in my case my landline & my cell phone. If I answer the landline it doesn't go against my minutes. Of course if it's a cell phone calling me it doesn't matter which phone I answer. Ditto if it's on a weekend or in the evening.

Supposedly there are also ways to take calls via Google Voice on the cell phone using your data plan rather than the Sprint minutes if you are connected via WiFi at home or some other hot spot. I haven't figured out how to do so yet, & haven't set up a WiFi hotspot in our house yet to play around with it. Hopefully I'll get around to it, but so far we haven't come close to using all of our minutes anyway so it hasn't been a high priority.
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most people don't use more than the 2GB in verizon's lowest data plan. Being on a college campus, I spend most of my time on wifi anyway. Most months, I never hit more than 250mb of data because most of the time i am connected to wifi... connecting to the web through wifi is generally faster than 3g so there is really no point. Now my sister is almost never connected to wifi because her work building doesn't have it and she is on her phone a lot more than me and she never goes over 800mb. most users do not use the full 2gb so it really should not be that big of a concern especially if wifi is available in places where you spend most of your time.
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