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January 18th 2010 4:31 am

Syncing my iPhone 3GS with 2010 Ford Fusion via bluetooth

I just got a 2010 Ford Fusion and I am trying to sync my iPhone 3GS with it for the hands-free calling via bluetooth. When I try and search for any bluetooth devices, it says that it cannot find any. However, I made sure to turn on my bluetooth setting and it still does not work. So I tried to add a bluetooth device and it gives me a 6-digit number that I'm supposed to type into my phone. I type it into the number pad under phone but nothing happens. Is there some hidden part of the phone where I'm supposed to enter this code or is my bluetooth not working? I do NOT have a bluetooth headset, can that be the problem?

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I just did this on my Fusion rental car on a recent business trip and it worked great.

First, turn on Bluetooth in your iPhone: Settings>General>Bluetooth

Second, leave this Bluetooth setting window open

Third, start the process in the car as you have done before to get the 6 digit SYNC number

Fourth, enter this 6 digit number into the iPhone Bluetooth settings window (NOT the phone keypad). Do it quickly as this number is time limited and if you're slow you'll have to start over.

Once your are SYNCed, the iPhone Bluetooth window will show SYNC and will remember this connection.

The SYNC feature works great with the phone and the iPod. You do not need a bluetooth headset. The whole point of the Ford SYNC feature is to use the car audio system for your in car phone calls.
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