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October 29th 2013 11:13 am

Task management software for Mac?

I know Things, Omnifocus, and 2Do are popular suites but they also have really high entry points with the cheapest being 2Do at $30. I know there are online services like, Nozbe, Todoist, Wunderlist, Producteev, etc but sometimes they're a little to basic. I don't need a full fledged software suite like Project or something that is 100% GTD focused.

What I mainly need is something that provides a simple way to see my tasks for the day while also giving me an easy way to store new ideas and thoughts if they pop into my head. I also need this software to sync between desktop and mobile so I can get reminders too.

I feel like Things is the most middle ground with Omnifocus being too much for my needs. My only reservation to Things is that it's $50 and I don't know if the 14-day trial will give me a good sense of the software; especially considering what I'd need to spend for iPad and iPhone versions.

Nozbe looks to be a good solution since it's free and offers the same middle ground as Things, but it's limited to 5 projects unless I do a monthly subscription.

Before they're suggested, software like Keep, Springpad, and Evernote will not work. They're too much of a note/information repository than actual management software.

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I know you said you don't want a web-based product, but you may want to give a shot. It really does feel very full-featured and I've very happily used it for many freelance projects, my full time job and for personal tasks. It does have an open API and there are 3rd party clients for iOS and Android, as well as the official apps. However, I haven't heard of any for OS X or PC. In terms of notifications though, you are limited to email notifications, which really is good enough for me. :)
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This is not a perfect answer, but I have really liked using even though it is more meant for teams and has a lot of extra capabilities.
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