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July 7th 2014 11:05 am

Telephoto lens attachment

Just got a 10x telephoto lens attachment for iPad but it's not enough.

Is there a 20x telephoto lens attachment for the iPad?

edit: I've found this video with a lens attachment for iPad 4 but I can't find where to buy it. I've left comments on the video pleading for information but no response.


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I can't find anything made for the iPad for this, but there is something that would allow you to attach an SLR lens to an iPhone:­/store­/awesomeness­/iphone­-slr­-mount/

The more telephoto you try to make the iPad, the more distortion it will cause and the more light you will need to keep the shutter speed up to prevent blur. Even 10x telephoto would not work well indoors on the iPad. What are you trying to shoot telephoto with the iPad?

You would probably be much better off with a compact camera that has a very long zoom like the Nikon P530:­/dp­/B00IA9LUP2­?tag­=j1105­-20
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