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July 26th 2012 9:02 am

There is Asus UX31A, but no UX32VD, the one with external graphics. Why so?

I personally just love this gadget and it can be easily a desk- and laptop replacement, as it has become for me. <3

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We grouped the UX32VD as an instance of the UX31A. We base these groupings around different factors depending on the product. The UX32VD can be found here:­/asus­/zenbook­/prime­/ux31a­/specs­/­#ux32vd and has the base specs of the UX32VD. If you want to add it to your want/have/had list from the UX31A page just click on the checkbox and you will be presented with the instance you want to add to your list:­/asus­/zenbook­/prime­/ux31a/

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